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Training and Team Development.


There are few things better than having a high functioning team! Consultants with Point b(e) Strategies, LLC have over a decade of experience designing and delivering trainings for staff and for Boards of Directors. 

We can work with your staff to increase team functioning, strategic communication, and job alignment.

We can work with your Board of Directors to clarify their role in fundraising, to set expectations for committee work and overall performance, or to do board recruitment and onboarding.    

Trained in tenets of experiential education, our training and development work is engaging, active and fun. We don't believe it ice breakers for ice breakers' sake. We don't make your team do things we won't do ourselves. We believe in using activities to mirror real-life experiences and we know that our training and development work will equip your staff and Board to work better together, to get more done for your organization, and to thrive.




Grantwriting and Fundraising


With experience developing proposals for local foundations, as well as city, state and federal government agencies, our track record is stellar and our clients keep coming back! Through our unique process of getting to know your organization, its needs and its funding priorities, we'll craft customized proposals that align with funder priorities and represent your organization in the best way possible.   

In addition to being amazingly talented grantwriters, our team of consultants have backgrounds in program design and evaluation, social enterprise development, and strategic planning.

In addition to being amazingly talented grantwriters, our team of consultants have backgrounds in program design and evaluation, social enterprise development, and strategic planning. While you might be wondering what this has to do with grantwriting, I can assure you that having these skills and experiences makes us better positioned than other grantwriters to help you think critically about your work. Whether you need help designing a new program or your not sure how your logic model stacks up, we can help you think through these (and other) questions–all in the context of grantwriting. 





While we love everything that we do, we believe that strategic planning is really at the foundation of every strong organization...so we love it the most!  

The Point b(e) Strategies approach to strategic planning emphasizes the nimbleness and flexibility that is required in the sector right now. Rather than focus on a multi-year plan that doesn't allow for changes or adjustments along the way, we will work with you to determine an appropriate timeframe for your plan. 


We have decades of experience in strategic and business planning, which allows us to use variousstrategies to form your plan. Using a combination of experiential activities, traditional strategic planning techniques, and facilitated dialogue, we will build a strong strategic foundation for your organization that allows it remain focused on outcomes and vision, while remaining nimble in action. 

We have experience with strategic planning processes ranging from half-day to two-day sessions and we look forward to working with you and your Board to design a process that works for you!





If you are wondering where our name came from, well, it came from our humble roots in program development and evaluation! If you have a clear organizational vision  of what your POINT B is, you are immediately better equipped to move in the direction of that desired end game. 

We love partnering with our clients as you think through logic models and evaluation plans and if we are able to help clarify one or two outcomes–or help you think differently about how you communicate your impact, we are happy! 

In addition to these program planning processes, we are skilled in the design and implementation of full evaluations–using both qualitative and quantitative strategies. Using surveys, focus groups, interviews, community forums and in-depth literature reviews, we love getting to the root of your big organizational and programmatic questions through evaluation. 

If you're ready to better articulate your impact and goals, give us a call!